Coping with Social Distancing

//Coping with Social Distancing

Coping with Social Distancing



As a company who serves Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse facilities, MedEZTM understands that this is a time where more people can fall into depression and develop a substance addiction.  However, we know that these are not solutions for behavioral health and substance abuse problems. Here is a list of at-home activities you can do to cope with the social distancing.  


At Home Workout

Exercising is proven to reduce stress levels whether you are doing aerobics, yoga, or any other form of moving activity that stimulates blood flow.  By pumping your endorphins, physical activity helps with production of the brain’s feel-good neurotransmitters.  Exercising is a mood booster because it can lower symptoms of anxiety and mild depression.  A good way to start is by searching for videos where you can follow alone. MedEZTM believes that mental health comes first.



Studies have shown that reading can relax your body by reducing your muscle tension and heart rate.  It can also reduce your stress levels up to 68%.  By opening a book, you are putting your focus on something other than what is causing you to stress out.  Dedicate 30 minutes of your time every day to read and allow yourself to escape in positive thoughts. 


Having a Hobby

According to scientific studies, hobbies such as writing, gardening, knitting, and reading are proven to reduce stress.  With that being said, everyone has different interests so this list doesn’t necessarily have to include your favorite hobby.  However, you may find what you love to do and use it to relax and remove the cluttering, overthinking, and stressing out of your day.  You may find yourself alone in social distancing, but MedEZTM wants to remind you that you can be creative and have virtual gatherings with family and friends.


It is really important to take time for self-care and make time to do what you love in this time of social distancing.  If you are already implementing these 3 de-stressor activities in your life, try to switch it up. It’s always good to step out of your comfort zone and explore new activities.  Keep yourself busy, stay active, and remember that you are not alone. MedEZTM is positive that if you try to incorporate these activities in your daily routine, you will be able to cope with social distancing.



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