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About MedEZ®

MedEZ® is an international technology company with over 26 years of experience in medical software solutions. Our expertise lies in providing a comprehensive all-in-one paperless solution for medical practices serving the behavioral health and substance abuse communities. Our goal is to automate all aspects of the medical practice such as administration, patient management, clinical, billing, business intelligence and many others. We are currently serving the needs of the facilities throughout North America and the Middle East. Our vision is to provide health care community with high quality, cost-effective, and user-friendly software. MedEZ® is the leading solution in the healthcare industry allowing to streamline your facility’s workflow process and making it more efficient at an affordable price. We are the best at providing customized EHR products to best fit the needs of clinical, administrative, billing, and collection tasks. Our services help optimize the financial, operational, and clinical performance of the medical practices. In addition to providing a high-quality product and service, we devote individual attention to our clients.

Your Benefits

Stay Connected

MedEZ® Achieve your highest potential with advanced technology by managing your information and services via web and the desktop applications through any portable device on any available platform.

Facilitate productivity and performance

MedEZ® application helps achieve the operational efficiency by streamlining the workflow of your medical practice. Our application is designed to manage every aspect of your facility operations by introducing effective customer-oriented environment.

User Friendly

We take great pride in functionality of the MedEZ® solution, by providing the easy and intuitive methods to perform daily user functions.

Reduced Errors and Mitigated Risks

The system is designed to eliminate the duplication of employee functions, to reduce human error during the information entry process, as well as to provide a user-friendly way to standardize your patient care practices.

Privacy and Security of Information

The safety of information is the top-priority for our system. MedEZ® presents the list of security measures directed to provide a HIPPA-compliant service and a protected patient information management.

Reduce Your Costs of Ownership

MedEZ® presents a variety of options to introduce the application in your facility. We offer both the remote and local hosting for your data storage, as well as subscription and full- ownership options to best suit the needs and the budget of the client.

Full Interoperability

We offer a full range of modules allowing to streamline and coordinate all of your facility services. By eliminating the need for multiple software services MedEZ® ensures the high quality of your patient care and customer satisfaction the client.

Support System

MedEZ® is committed to providing expert client care to all of our valued customers and the facility management. Whether you are a small practice or a large multi-function facility – we will suggest the process that best suits your operational style and budget.

Accelerate your Services

Our application is geared towards improving your services and overall workflow. By creating a productive and efficient work environment, you will achieve improvement of your patient experiences and reduce redundancies.

Maximum Integration

MedEZ® is designed to provide compatibility with outside systems and vendors. This feature will ensure cooperation among all parties involved in your process, as well as will provide the information transmission in a safe and secure manner. MedEZ® offers the ability to export and export patient files to transmit them to other facilities and systems.