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Inpatient Psych Facility Software

Inpatient Psych Facility (IPF) Software

Behavioral health, inpatient psychiatric, addiction treatment, and post-acute providers are in the need of EHR software solutions to ensure successful patient outcomes. If you’re looking for an EHR partner that truly understands your business needs and is capable enough to accommodate changes in the future, MedEZ® is the best choice for you.

We provide industry-specific, result-driven inpatient psych facility software designed for behavioral healthcare and substance abuse. Our process involves a full cycle, ranging from assessment to training, technical support, implementation, and customization.

Our EHR solutions put together psychotherapy notes and a behavioral health practice management system to build a single source of truth with which staff and practitioners can seamlessly work. Whether you’re involved in group therapy, individual therapy, psychiatry, substance abuse, or any sort of specialty, our all-inclusive mental health EHR software is the best fit.

Why Switch to Inpatient Psych Facility (IPF) Software?

It is cloud-based and developed on a mobile-friendly interface that is accessible to providers from anywhere and on any browser-enabled device.

Automated Appointment Reminders
Quickly send patients reminders about appointments. Patients can also be placed on the waiting list if they need a earlier appointment on a day that is already booked.

Mental Health Billing
Take the best advantage of mental health billing that is easy to use and advanced. From automated patient payment posting to sliding fee scale, batch rebills, and configurable rules engine, there are tons of tools available to make your work easier.

Streamline Workflows
Configure the system depending on how your staff prefers to move through an exam. History, vitals, problem lists, and more can be rearranged to fit requirements.

Access countless reports for users to give valuable information in a readable format.

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