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Wiley® Treatment Plan

EHR Integrated with the Wiley® Treatment Plan

Ditch the paper-based work procedure and get started with the Wiley® Treatment Plan, which comes integrated into a robust and scalable EHR system. At MedEZ®, we strive to bring powerful and reliable EHR products that benefit both practitioners and patients alike with the quick creation of treatment plans for specific diagnosis.

This can be highly advantageous for mental health professionals to solve problems they face on a daily basis and also provide them with goals, interventions, and objectives to create a fully customizable treatment plan. It is easy to use and help locate treatment plan components on the basis of behavioral problem.

Save Time and Effort with the Wiley® Treatment Plan
The treatment planner system includes thousands of statements that describe a behavioral manifestation of each problem that secures short and long-term goals and clinically tested treatment options.

  • Quickly complete treatment plans on a specific diagnosis
  • Choose from 1000+ prewritten treatment goals, objectives, and interventions
  • Simple to use reference format that puts together relevant options based on diagnosis
  • Create progress notes that are unified with the client’s treatment plan
  • Audit-ready and evidence-based treatment

Progress notes and treatment plans on a specific diagnosis that are linked can help streamline the documentation process. By offering a specialty system, we align these products with the daily practices of our users and help them focus effectively on patient management and care, not paperwork.

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