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MedEZ® Products

COMPREHENSIVE – RELIABLE – ACCESSIBLE SERVICEComprehensiveReliableAccessible Service

Let us guide you through the process of transitioning away from paper records, or switching your services from another provider. MedEZ® will ensure the timely and effective transition to our expert services with minimal disruption of your daily operations.


  • Cloud – Based functions.
  • All – Inclusive Clinical  + Billing  Package designed for  mid  – size practices.
  • Data Storage options.
  • Partial Customization.
  • Price  Includes  Assessment,   Implementation,  Training   and   Tech   Support.

MedEZ® Enterprise

  • Full-service customized application designed for mid- to large scale facilities.
  • Data Storage Options.
  • Web and Client Server Functions.
  • Beneficial ownership opportunities.
  • Price including implementation, staff training and tech support.
  • Customization of your clinical and billing options to best suit your facility needs.

VIP Expert Client Services

  • MedEZ® is committed to providing the best service for our valued customers.
  • We introduce the option for an additional remote or on-site expert support to help monitor your user activities and guide them through our system functions.
  • Hourly or monthly service.
  • Flexible hours.
  • Unlimited Email Account.

MedEZ® Specialty Features

Specialty Workflow

Automated facility flow, characteristic to specialty healthcare sectors, from the first patient encounter, through assessment and admissions, through treatment to discharge. Allows for a productive interdisciplinary managed workflow.


Application set up, allowing to organize the process through therapies, therapy and admissions, and other types of mental health treatment.

Multidisciplinary Specialty Treatment Plan

Organized, multiuser tool (Problem, Goal, Objective, Intervention, etc).

Feature Layout

Allows the user to perform all main functions in one dashboard.

Specialty Scheduler Attributes

Group therapy appointments, visits with family and additional visitors.

Billing designed for Specialty Workflow

Patient Billing including billable therapies, appointments, and other functions, allowing to automate claim generation and submission process. Room & Board, Medication, Pharmacy, Lab, Therapies, etc.

Specialty Clinical Notes

Industry Standard Notes
Group Therapy Notes
Daily Notes
Custom Facility Notes

Combined User Activities

Additional internist, general doctor and nutritionist functions, included in the process, along with the behavioral features. This allows the entire facility staff to become a part of the process for patient assessment, treatment, and recommendations.