Case Management Software

Customized and Smart Case Management Software

Organizations involved in legal, healthcare, and many other fields require casework to enjoy great efficiency and flexibility. MedEZ presents a fully customized and result-driven case management software that serves as a central location for tracking and storing clients’ data. It might include contact information, appointment history, scheduling, billing information, and client communication.

Case managers generally work with hundreds of clients and are likely to handle tons of data points. This is where our case management solution comes to your aid. MedEZ is designed to fulfill the precise needs of an organization, making it easier than ever to stay on top of cases.

Benefits of Case Management Software

Making it Simple to Create Reports
The platform makes it easy to visualize data and create timely reports for making future-forward decisions and plans for sustainable growth. Client progress and other metrics can be reviewed so management can know how well the group is performing and determine areas that need improvement.

Seamless Communication
It allows caseworkers to communicate directly with clients under a single roof, which means all interactions are attached to relevant case files so there are no misunderstandings or errors.

Boost Collaboration
Anyone who is a part of a specific case will be given access to quality information. For instance, in industries like healthcare, the software can be installed for a particular role to only gather info they need such as billing addresses while maintaining the confidentiality of sensitive data like medical history.

Features of Case Management Software

Client Portals
Well-designed client portal with rich features like SSL/TLS, multi-factor authentication, custom branding, encryption, and control-based access on a specific set of rules.

Case Management Tools
Creating case management tools to help you manage everything, from custom workflows to billable hours, assigning tasks, monitoring case status, scheduling staff, fee schedules, and other capabilities.

Database Integration
Integrate various data collection sources, including phone calls, documents, emails, and custom intake forms, with high-end data capturing the latest technology.

Calendar Management
Include features like notifications, scheduling automation, email integration, billable time, and other potential attributes.

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