Physical Therapy Software

Physical Therapy Software for Exceptional Experience

Rehabilitative therapists need a full-fledged system that performs claim management, billing, and specific practice more efficiently. If you’re eager to help your patients in a speedy recovery, we have solutions to automate workflow, provide exceptional care, and satisfy patients.

MedEZ®, is a leading expert in cloud-based physical therapy software for rehabilitation clinics, orthopedics, physical medicine, occupational therapy, and other specialties. It allows you to access patient, clinical, and financial information from anywhere at any time. Our goal is to help physical therapists provide collaborative patient care, manage billing, and grow their practice with less effort.

Provide High-Quality Patient Care
We help you perform the work that matters most, helping your patients on the road to recovery. Utilize a cloud-based mobile-friendly EHR platform to manage a variety of tasks, ranging from scheduling to appointment reminders, patient notes, registration, secure messaging, patient payments, compliance, and more.

Integrated Billing Software
Our billing software solution carries a range of productivity features, including automated insurance verification, denial tracking, electronic remittance advice, and a collection module with prioritized worklists. Our reporting tools gather data from all areas, track Medicare appointments and create personal alerts.

Rather than struggling with manual spreadsheets, use our unified invoicing platform designed for practices that work alongside occupational and third-party entities. As it addresses the exact needs of physical therapy workflow, you can achieve faster results and gain exceptional experience at all times.

EHR Workflow and Clinical Information Management
We have fully integrated EHR, practice management, and patient engagement tools into a complete platform for a remarkable and highly personalized experience. Seamless data transfer, up-to-date information, and high-security standard make our platform unique.

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