Telehealth allows patients to have conversations with healthcare professionals remotely via telecommunication technologies like video chatting. Healthcare professionals, from physicians to psychologists, are able to deliver clinical or non-clinical health services without an in-person visit.

As an emerging platform that has become crucial during the pandemic, telehealth offers several benefits to patients. One group, people with limited mobility, will benefit from its use even when the world returns back to normal.

Getting Services: The Problems People With Limited Mobility Face

Accessibility is still one of the biggest struggles for those with limited mobility, even when getting healthcare services. Traveling to care settings can be a challenge. For people who move slowly, the short duration time given to get on public transportation or cross streets is highly problematic. Even arriving in a vehicle can be challenging, as there’s also limited accessible parking at hospitals and other healthcare establishments.

Telehealth’s ability to provide fast, convenient and reliable care can make a significant difference. Patients that opt for telehealth have easy access to their healthcare provider from the comfort of home. And due to the pandemic, telehealth also serves as a safer option for patientseven for people who are fully mobile but are immunocompromised.

Telehealth also helps patients and their caregivers save a significant amount of time and avoid unnecessary stress. For example, those who need assistance to get to a clinic or hospital would not have to worry if a family member or caregiver is unavailable to take them. Compared to a traditional in-person appointment, telehealth appointments have less wait time, plus it also allows professionals to reach more patients in a day.

Telehealth practices can also reduce the number of unneeded visits to the emergency room, and help patients manage chronic illnesses, like rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. With fewer physical appointments in medical facilities, users gain a greater “sense of empowerment and independence”.

Telehealth and MedEZ

Through our MedEZ Patient Portal, patients can easily manage their prescriptions, schedule an appointment, and complete their intake forms before their first appointment from the safety and comfort of their own home. Patients are notified via email or SMS with instructions on how to join the session. They can join using a computer, a phone, or via a phone call. Sessions are secure, as the healthcare professional must enter credentials in order to start the session. During the session, users can talk, chat and share their screens.

Whether individuals prefer to stay home due to limited mobility or as a precaution for the pandemic, telehealth allows healthcare facilities and professionals to provide the same level of care as in-person appointments — or better. MedEZ is continuously improving its telehealth feature to facilitate the process for both parties.

Article made only for the use of by Selena Thompson. Edited by Natalia Clement.