MedEZ Group Notes: Have You Tried It Out?

//MedEZ Group Notes: Have You Tried It Out?

MedEZ Group Notes: Have You Tried It Out?

Why MedEZ Group Notes?

We all know group therapy is a great way to bring people together and discuss the challenges they face.  Group therapy allows people to express themselves in a judge-free-zone and provides many benefits that individual therapy might not have.  However, therapists struggle with note documentation due to the fact that saving the group focus can be a hassle when dealing with larger groups, making the overall process more sensitive to human error. 

That’s why MedEZ designed this feature to be customizable and easy to save; therefore, no matter how many patients are in a group session, documentation will never require unnecessarily steps. 

Did you know?

MedEZ’s group notes allows the counselor to save common therapy notes in multiple patient charts.  This feature simplifies the hassle of copying and pasting notes by eliminating repeating steps. Once the counselor completes the group therapy, he or she has the ability to save the group note in each individual chart, all in one step. MedEZ group notes also allows the user to customize the notes in their software by selecting their desired questions being asked.

By having a customized, user-friendly software, counselors will spend less time saving documentation and more time focusing on what really matters- their patients. You can schedule a free demo to explore this and more modules on MedEZ.

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