Telemedicine is the method of providing health care using technology at a distance, most commonly via calls or video. Telepsychiatry, which is a subset of telemedicine, can also include mental examinations, counseling (individual, group, and family therapy), patient engagement, and medication management, among other things.

Important Features of Telehealth Software for Psychiatrists

  • HIPAA Compliance and Security

Choosing a telehealth system that is HIPAA compliant is especially important because video visits are unique in healthcare. In response to the pandemic, some restrictions were temporarily relaxed or lifted due to the rapid uptake of telemedicine services. Ensure that the software you use is compliant with HIPAA policies.

  • Patient Portal

Having a secure patient portal that is easy to use will simplify both your life and that of your patients. Through this, they would be able to send securely encrypted messages to their psychiatrist, schedule telemedicine appointments, make payments, fill out forms and access their medical history. It is much easier to schedule an appointment using telemedicine software along with a good patient portal.

  • Using cloud-based software

Telehealth platforms should make it possible for you and your patients to schedule appointments from anywhere using mobile devices, tablets, or web-based applications. Providers will benefit from increased flexibility while patients will benefit from improved accessibility. In addition, cloud-based software should be user-friendly. It can take a long time for the process to progress when the patient must download additional files. The ideal telehealth system will provide patients with a link they can click to access their appointments via your EHR. Your patients can then conveniently meet you by using their mobile phone or other devices.

  • Full Integration

You should be able to use quick charting during appointments if your telehealth software is integrated with your electronic health record system. Through this tool, you can access and edit the patient’s chart without having to quit your appointment. During this time, your patient can view your image on the screen. As a result, you can input the essential information quietly, causing minimal disruption to the telehealth visit.

All in, telehealth software that is integrated with your electronic medical record will reduce the amount of time you spend responding between applications. It will also eliminate the need for a third-party service provider. This would make it easier to electronically fill prescriptions for given appointments.

Psychiatry and telehealth have always seemed like a good match. As a result of the pandemic, better telepsychiatry techniques have emerged, the practice has grown more common and viable.

Telepsychiatry has a lot of examples behind it, and study has found that patients, psychiatrists, and other professionals are very satisfied with it. In terms of diagnostic accuracy, treatment effectiveness, care quality, and patient satisfaction, telepsychiatry is comparable to in-person care. In-person care has the same level of privacy and confidentiality as online care today.

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