Ensuring a Successful EHR Implementation

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Implementing an electronic health record (EHR) can be a difficult process, and proper planning is essential to minimizing errors. Evaluating an EHR system’s selection criteria and implementation plan, with the goal of ensuring interoperability, confidentiality, availability, and the integrity of patient health information data, while also ensuring timely, accurate, and regulatory-compliant report generation, is a critical task.

What is EHR Implementation?

A multidisciplinary approach is required to prepare the new system, ensure privacy and security compliance, design practice workflows, train the care […]

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Stress-Free Facility Management

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Most medical practitioners come across patients who are stressed on a regular basis. In that case you probably and mostly share proven methods for dealing with it, such as getting more exercise, sleeping, or practicing breathing techniques. But, how well can you manage your own stress? Even if you work out a few times a week and get eight hours of sleep each night, there might be certain aspects of your facility that aggravate you. We will review outsourced medical […]

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How Telemedicine Software Can Help Psychiatrists

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Telemedicine is the method of providing health care using technology at a distance, most commonly via calls or video. Telepsychiatry, which is a subset of telemedicine, can also include mental examinations, counseling (individual, group, and family therapy), patient engagement, and medication management, among other things.

Important Features of Telehealth Software for Psychiatrists

  • HIPAA Compliance and Security

Choosing a telehealth system that is HIPAA compliant is especially important because video visits are unique in healthcare. In response to the pandemic, some restrictions […]

Stress: 5 Tips to Cope

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It’s natural to feel stressed from time to time, but how do you define stress? What effect does it have on our overall health? What can we do to better understand how to deal with it? When we are under stress, our bodies react in a certain way. A major challenge or threat causes chemicals and hormones to surge throughout your body. We instinctively respond like this in the face of danger, and it’s why our ancestors overcame occasional dangers.

What […]

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The Benefits of Online Scheduling in Healthcare

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The implementation of Covid19 restrictions has once again resulted in long lines at medical facilities and many calls being on hold. In today’s healthcare industry, physicians are faced with increasing workloads, which is why having a patient online scheduling system can provide some relief. In a world dominated by technology, healthcare providers are expected to deliver easy and convenient facilities along with top-quality care.

What is an appointment scheduling solution?

A patient can book or request an appointment online using a […]

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The Holiday Blues: How to cope

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There is nothing more joyous than spending time with family and friends during the holiday season. But unwelcome guests — stress and depression, can cause the holiday blues. This time of year can be lonely for those who are unable to see their family or friends. But, even when you are with people you love, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve can be challenging. We are always busy with the pursuit of perfect gifts, travel arrangements, never-ending parties, and obligations […]

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Telehealth Platforms: 4 Things to Consider

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The telehealth industry has experienced rapid growth in recent years and will continue to grow. In addition to improving access to care, improving patient outcomes, and reducing costs, telehealth can also provide providers with deeper insight into their practice. In-person patient visits will eventually resume but may never reach the level of before the pandemic. There are a number of health conditions for which telehealth may be as beneficial as in-person care, and it can be a convenient way to […]

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Patient Portal Designed for Your Needs

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Using patient portals has become increasingly popular in healthcare organizations of all sizes and specialties since the introduction of electronic medical records (EMR) and electronic health records (EHR). In addition to providing patients online access to their medical information, patient portals also help physicians and their patients collaborate more effectively.

We can design a patient portal just for you!

MedEZ™ Patient Portal allows patients to access the following features from the comfort of their homes through […]

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Integrated EHR & Medical Billing Benefits

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For medical practices to achieve financial success, preparing a responsible financial plan is essential. By outsourcing medical billing, your practice can have the most accurate and efficient billing process possible.

Keeping track of medical billing is the engine of revenue cycle management for healthcare, but many providers report significant challenges with accurately and efficiently billing patients and payers. Even if the journey may seem long and winding, using effective medical billing is critical to reducing days in accounts receivable and optimizing […]

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Addiction Recovery: The Role of Therapy

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Mental health officials increasingly see substance abuse and addiction as mental health issues. In recent years, it has been viewed less as a sign of criminal activity and more as a mental disorder worthy of empathy and compassion, just like any other health condition.

The use of substances stimulates neurochemical changes that release dopamine and strengthen the association between a desired emotional state and a particular behavior. An individual is more likely to relapse if they use the substance regularly and […]

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