It’s crucial to ensure that substance abuse software is implemented successfully when choosing the best solution. If the implementation process does not proceed as planned, numerous problems may occur. Your employees must fully understand how to use the technology, know who to contact if they have any issues, and be confident to operate after the implementation team steps back.

If you and your vendor do not take the necessary steps to ensure a successful implementation, you will be unable to optimize your software to perform more effectively and to better serve your patients.

So, how should you go about selecting software? Follow the guidelines below:

  1. Choose the Right Partner

It is imperative to choose the right vendor since they can either improve or hinder the implementation process. The vendor must be committed to your team’s successful and easy transition. With the assistance and support of the appropriate partner, you and your team will learn how to properly use the software so that you can effectively adopt and use it to your and your patient’s benefit.

  1. Analyze Your Workflow

Before selecting the software, it is also important to analyze your daily workflow.

Understanding the flow of your day from beginning to end, as well as understanding how software can serve your facility effectively, should be prioritized. While there may not be a vendor who checks off every single item on your list, this is the best approach to determine whether the software is a good fit for your company.

  1. Involve Everyone from Your Team

While one member of your team may be well aware of what is vital in your substance abuse software, another member of your team may believe otherwise. This is why it is important to involve as many individuals as possible in the decision-making process. You must offer every department the opportunity to weigh in so that you can reach a conclusion that is supported by everyone and is suitable for every department’s workflow.

  1. Be Open to Changes

The old approach is not the ideal way to accomplish things and should be avoided at all costs. As time goes on, new tools and software features will help you accomplish your work more successfully, allowing you to better serve your patients. While considering implementing such software, it is important to be open to future developments such as new tools or capabilities.

  1. Learn the Software Thoroughly

While implementing new applications or software, training is extremely important. It is common to experience hiccups while transitioning to new technology but ensure that you have a great training plan in place since it can make a significant difference for you and your clients. Substance abuse software plays a significant role in health care, which is why it should be implemented with the utmost care.

MedEZ® software was developed in 1996, in response to the emerging need for an effective and robust specialty solution in the behavioral healthcare and substance abuse sector. Since then we have gathered top talent: from developers to medical and management experts, to create a smart, comprehensive application that fulfills the strict industry guidelines and requirements.

As a result, we offer a system that highlights all the specialty features, as well as provides a proper functional alignment within the facility workflow. More than 25 years of experience have made MedEZ® a trusted solution for both government and private facilities. MedEZ® presents users with the newest technology features and offers a custom user-friendly solution to address all their clinical, operational, and billing needs.

MedEZ’s all-in-one EHR can improve productivity and efficiency in your facility thanks to its many features, including:

  • Automatic Payment Posting
  • Business Intelligence
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Electronic Billing
  • Insurance Billing Module & Billing Services
  • Clinical Notes and Custom Form Builder
  • Custom Treatment Planner
  • The Wiley Treatment Planner Integration
  • ASAM Continuum
  • E-Prescribing
  • Lab Interface
  • Patient Portal & Telehealth
  • Notification Engine
  • Customizable Reports for Clinical & Billing Module

And many others.

MedEZ® can automate the operations of your Substance Abuse Centers. Automating daily activities with MedEZ® increases your facility’s overall productivity and efficiency, allowing your employees to focus on patients, not paperwork. Contact us directly for a free demonstration of the Clinical & Billing Module. Email: or dial toll-free – 877-AT-MEDEZ.

Written by Marina Malobabic for