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Residential (RTC)

Clinical Dashboard​

The full-service operation dashboard for inpatient programs, allowing the users to fulfill all daily clinical operations.


MedEZ™ provides a flexible scheduler tool to book, manage and track patientsappointments in the outpatient program.

Patient Portal​

A multi-functional module with access to various areas of patient information.


Full access tool for management of all pharmacy functions, including medication dispensing and inventory control.


Fully integrated tool to order, process and report test results for both internaland external lab systems.


This feature allows the user to speak while converting ​speech-to-text.

Employee Inbox​

This feature allows employees in your facility to communicate directly within our system.


A secure platform for remote patien​t visits.

Custom Clinical Notes​

MedEZ™ allows the user to customize their notes accordingly.

Utilization Review

Manage prior authorization and verify information.

Business Intelligence

MedeEZ™ BI offered a variety of flexible statistical capabilities that are based on the real-time data of your facility. This feature analyzes trends and revenuesin a fast and accurate way.


​The Wiley Treatment Planner is a guided planner within the MedEZ™ system that allows facilities to treat clients more effectively.

Role-based Security​

The system is secured by password verification and each user isallowed access based on their role in your facility.

Clinical Operations​

Design, plan and run your facility with this feature. The MedEZ™all-in-one software allows you to have a complete overview of your facilities operations.

Drug Administration

MedEZ​™ follows all guidelines of the FDA.

Critical Incident Reporting

Operations and services managing high priority assets.

Payment Processing

Comprehensive Facesheet
●Microsoft Outlook
●MedEZ Chat

Comprehensive Facesheet

The MedEZ​™ facesheet is an easy-to-use, userfriendly module that highlights missing and important information.

Microsoft Outlook

Our software is integrated with Outlook, this means that all of your important data is in on system.

MedEZ​™​ Chat

Built-in internal team messaging system.


Medical Administration Record.


Treatment Administration Record Sheet.

Health Protocol

A set of instructions used by the health administration that our system integrates with.


Computerized Physician Order Entry.

Revenue Cycle Management​

Easily process claims based on services provided, print or electronically submit claims, track payment, and monitor the facility’s financial performance.

Encounter Log

The system keeps track of who and when a user is logged in.

Group Notes

All group notes available.

Electronic Billing

Electronic billing available.

Utilization Review​

Manage prior authorization and verify information.

Expression Builder​

Make changes on files according to new requirements.


Validates claims and filters unnecessary information.

Collection Module​

Tracking past due receivables on patient accounts.

Residential Software for Clinical Operations

Residential Treatment Centers (RTCs) aim to offer a healthy and comfortable environment to help teenagers, adults, and their families overcome mental health issues impacting their daily life and well-being. At MedEZ, we provide residential software for RTCs so that practitioners can access patient medical history and track each individual’s progress for collaborative patient care and management.

Our EHR software collects real-time information and insights from a broad network of clinicians and enables clinical efficiency with intuitive workflows. We provide a flexible scheduler tool to book, monitor, and manage patient appointments in the outpatient program.

Whatever the scope or area of practice, you will receive a full-service operation dashboard for the inpatient program and a multi-functional module to access various areas of patient information. You will have a tool for managing pharmacy functions, including medication dispensing and inventory control.

Features and Services
MedEZ designs EHR products for seamless clinical operations and improved care coordination. We strive to deliver exceptional care while staying ahead of innovation and technology.

• Improve Patient Care and Management
A patient chart allows a practitioner to access patient care plans and communicate with other clinicians directly. Take the best advantage of patient record sharing.

• Off-page dashboard
Practitioners can access an off-site dashboard to track and manage clients going out and coming back from the facility. It also allows you to monitor client destination, how long they were out, whether they are late, or any other information related to their outside visits.

• Practice On the Go
You can access patient records and perform clinical work from your mobile device. Residential software is well integrated with your EHR, giving you the flexibility to get ahead of work.

• Support Patients Anywhere
It delivers virtual care and assistance with minimal workflow interruptions. Telehealth is a reliable platform for remote patient visits while documenting encounters directly with EHR.

Schedule a Demo
From medical scheduling to e-prescribing, billing integration, patient portals, charting, data analytics, and reporting, our residential EHR software covers everything to promote accurate diagnosis and effective treatment planning. Based on your practice needs, we can add and customize functionality to give your clinical staff access to robust features and services.

Let us know your requirements and we will deliver all-inclusive EHR software!