1- I predict that my facility will grow in the feature. Will MedEZ accommodate that?
2- Can I afford MedEZ? What types of payments are accepted?
3- Is MedEZ HIPAA compliant?
4- Will I have to pay for MedEZ updates?
5- Will I have to pay to update my ICD-9 and CPT Codes annually?
6- Will MedEZ run on my current computer system?
7- Will MedEZ run on a Macintosh computer?
8- Does MedEZ utilize SQL?
9- Is MedEZ compatible with wireless devices (PDA’s, Tablet PC’s and Laptops)?
10- Can I convert patient data from my old system into MedEZ?
11- What type of images can I store with the document Management/Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Module?
12- What is the maximum number of users allowed?
13- Can I post payments automatically?
14- Can I print patient invoices with MedEZ?
15- What type of security does MedEZ offer?
16- I need hardware as well as software. Does MedEZ provide both?
17- My business has more than one location. Can MedEZ still work for me?